Great Time of Year For the Warmer SoCal Weather

Surf City Marathon (and all its distances) is without a doubt the best way to kick off a new year of running. Happening the first weekend of February, it gives you a chance to shake off the holidays and winter weather to come join nearly 20,000 runners in sunny Southern California. Whether you need to get out of rainy Northern California or fly in all the way from cold winter places like the Midwest and the East Coast, it’s one of the first sunny destination weekend of races of the year. It’s a must!

Beautiful Scenic Race

Nothing quite like watching the sunset along the Pacific Ocean the night before your race, enjoying the sound of the crashing waves and feel of the sand under your feet as you anticipate a flat, fast course the next day.

And waking up to a sparkling sunrise and then the sun on your face as you line up at the start line? That’s the reason to get on a plane and travel for this fabulous race weekend. Not only that, but whatever distance you’re running, you are running along the Pacific Ocean. When else do you get to do that?

Run a PR Or Try Your First Race

So many distances to choose from! You can do a marathon and show off your grit with a couple out and backs. Or take on the half marathon and go for a PR with the mostly flat course. How about a fast 5k? If you’re thinking of taking on your very first race – this is the time to do it whether it’s your first full marathon, first half marathon or first 5k – we will be with you and celebrate your finish lines! Come join the thousands that return to this race each and every year!

Iconic Beach Mile

Then there’s the most unique one of all: the Beach Mile, which takes place on Saturday before the other races on Sunday and sees runners from all over test their mettle with a full mile running on the sand. Barefoot or in your shoes – your choice!  It’s unlike any race you’ll do, and registrations jump up each year as runners want to try it out – sometimes doing a second race the very next day!

Earn Three Medals In One Weekend

Two races in one weekend? Yup – it’s called the Cowabunga Challenge, and you’ll get a third medal to commemorate the completion – one at the Beach Mile finish line, then pick a distance for Sunday: full, half or 5k and earn that medal at that race finish line and head out to pick up your Cowabunga Challenge medal to add to your impressive collection of two races, three medals in one weekend!

This epic race weekend is the ultimate celebration of running for the community – no shortage of runners challenging themselves and no shortage of spectators cheering every single runner, no matter the distance, along. Huntington Beach comes out and shows up to support the race weekend, making each and every runner excited to get after their goal and celebrate their milestone.

Golden State Challenge

And don’t forget – if you run Surf City in February, you are already a part of the Golden State Challenge! Run four of the Golden State Challenge races and you earn an extra special medal. Starting with Surf City Marathon February weekend events means you’re not only in the mix automatically, but you’re already one quarter of the way to earning that bling and being a part of the special Golden State Challenge community.

Surf City Marathon 🤝 Golden State Challenge