Beach Cities Challenge

Pacific Coast Highway never looked so good! Tackle the Beach Cities Challenge by completing, in consecutive order, any combination of Marathons or Half Marathons at the three events:  Surf City Marathon & Half Marathon presented by 361°, the SDCCU OC Marathon & OC Half Marathon, and the Long Beach Marathon & Half Marathon.

The traditional sequence of events is:

  • Surf City Marathon & Half Marathon (February)
  • SDCCU OC Marathon & OC Half Marathon (May)
  • Long Beach Marathon & Half Marathon (October)

Complete the Marathon or Half Marathon at all three of these events consecutively and you are eligible to earn your Beach Cities Challenge medal at your third event.  Events do not need to be completed consecutively in the calendar year to be eligible.  For example, you can start your challenge at the Long Beach Marathon in 2023 and then the 2024 Surf City Marathon and 2024 OC Marathon and be eligible to pick up your medal at the 2023 OC Marathon.

Beach Cities Challenge Rules

Check out Beach Cities Challenge rules here:

  • Participants are eligible for the Beach Cities Challenge if they complete any combination of the Marathon or Half Marathon at the Surf City Marathon, SDCCU OC Marathon, and Long Beach Marathon in consecutive order
  • The 5K or Beach Mile distance do not offer eligibility for the Beach Cities Challenge
  • Virtual race participation in the Marathon or Half Marathon at any of the three events will count toward Beach Cities Challenge eligibility.
  • Races must be completed consecutively although completing the events in a single calendar year is not required.
  • Please note that participants eligible for the Beach Cities Challenge must pick up their medal on-site after the finish of their 3rd race.  Medals will not be mailed to members after the race if they participated in-person.  Those participating in the virtual race will have their medal mailed to them in their finisher packet.


Questions about the Beach Cities Challenge or your eligibility?  Please email us at

Cowabunga Challenge

Are you ready to tackle the Cowabunga Challenge in 2024?  The Surf City Marathon & Half Marathon presented by 361° race weekend has a distance for everyone of all abilities.

Take part in the Cowabunga Challenge by simply finishing the Beach Mile on Saturday and any Sunday race to earn an extra medal!

Participants wishing to get the combo medal do not need to sign up for the challenge. Simply register for the two events you wish to complete during event weekend. When picking up your bibs at the Race Expo, you will receive a Cowabunga Challenge sticker that will denote you are participating in the challenge.

When/Where Will I Receive My Medal?

You will receive your combo medal on race day, Sunday, February 4th after your final race. Look for the “Challenge Medals” tent in the Huntington Beach Parking Lots to pick-up your medal.  Pick up your bib at the Race Expo and be sure it’s denoted with a Cowabunga Challenge sticker.  Medals must be picked up at the “Challenge Medals” tent on race day and will not be mailed after the fact.


Questions about the “Cowabunga Challenge”?  Please email us at

Cowabunga Challenge Options

Beach Mile (Saturday, 2/3) + 5K (Sunday, 2/4)
Beach Mile (Saturday, 2/3) + Half Marathon (Sunday, 2/4)
Beach Mile (Saturday, 2/3) + Marathon (Sunday, 2/4)

2024 Cowabunga Challenge Medal

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