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Signature Surfboard Medal Series

Runners travel from all over the world to run for one of our famous Surf City Finisher Medallions! We created the “original” surfboard style medal and it has evolved over the years to become one of the most sought after (and award winning) medals ever! Add a new Surf City surfboard medal to your collection every year!

2017: Super Board Sunday!

Evoking the golden glow of a classic SoCal sunset, the 2017 #RunSurfCity finisher medal illustrates all that makes this beach-side race so great! Our iconic wooden surfboard is once again prominently featured to honor our 20-year legacy, as we also look towards many more years of running this beach. Each participant will receive this golden medal, which functions as a bottle opener and magnet, too!

2016: “Wave Runner”

Running in the 20th Anniversary of Surf City just got even more extraordinary. Check out your brand new metal encased free-spinning wooden Surf City medals.

2015: “Riptide”

A “Riptide” is a powerful current that is not for the faint of heart. You have to know what’s what if you get caught in a rip tide, keep your cool and use what you know to best the current. No worries for our runners though, you will be running parallel to the Pacific thus achieving the 1st skill needed to conquer the beach! (Its also a catchy Vance Joy song.)

2014: “Maverick”

A “Maverick” is a wave that surfers find especially challenging; both physically and mentally, requiring training and preparation beyond the pale. Voted #2 on Marathon and Beyond’s Top 25 Best Medals Nationwide

2013: “Beachcomber”

It’s about discipline and endurance, yes, but running at the beach also evokes the pure joy of just being alive.The Beachcomber will serve as a reminder to find your beach, wherever you are. – Anonymous Voted #2 on Marathon and Beyond’s Top 25 Best Medals Nationwide

2012: “Inspire”

This style of a long board is typically used to ride the large winter waves of Southern California and Hawaii. Voted #12 on Marathon & Beyond’s Top 25 Best Medals Nationwide

2011: “Intrepid”

“Riding the nose” is a favorite trick of surfers. By the late 1950’s noseriding had become the ultimate small-wave maneuver, and the phrase “Hang Ten” was about to become the first surfing phrase recognized by non-surfers. Voted #6 on Marathon and Beyond’s Top 25 Best Medals Nationwide

2010: “Freedom”

This throwback 1970’s twin tail design introduced the exhilarating freedom to either “rip it up” or simply enjoy the smooth, fast ride.

2009: “The Long Board”

The original wooden long board represents the soulful experience of the ocean, of getting out and being inspired by its challenge. Voted #13 on Marathon and Beyond’s Top 25 Best Medals Nationwide

2008: The Inaugural Edition – “Nostalgia”

Inspired by the classic Surf City USA lifestyle, this design brings back images of wooden surfboards and relaxing days at the beach. Voted #12 on Marathon & Beyond’s Top 25 Best Medals Nationwide

2007: “The Wave”

The focus of this design is the waves that make Huntington Beach one of the most legendary surfing spots in the world.

2006: The 10th Anniversary Edition – “The Legacy”

This special edition medal features all of the classic images of the history of the Pacific Shoreline Marathon. Legacy Runners who completed all 10 marathons received medals studded with diamonds.

2005: “Tradition”

Showcasing the spectacular oceanfront course, this medal was the one that made the Pacific Shoreline Marathon famous.