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Confirm your registration and challenges

Congratulations on deciding to participate in the 21st annual Surf City Marathon & Half Marathon. Whether this is your first time running this beach with us, or if you have been one of our Legacy Runners through the years: THANK YOU and we look forward to seeing you at our 3-Day Active Lifestyle Expo, February 3-5, 2017.

As we get closer to the event, please make sure to confirm your entry and all challenges you are qualifying for. It only takes a few seconds:

IMPORTANT: This tool is NOT real time. If you have recently signed up for Surf City your name will NOT appear on this list. So if you registered within the last week and your name does not appear on the confirmation tool, DO NOT WORRY, and simply contact our team.

Step 1: Confirm your 2017 Surf City Entry here.

Make sure you are registered for the 2016 Surf City event here.

2017 Surf City

Step 2: Confirm your Beach Cities Challenge here.

Did you run OC in May AND Long beach this past October? If so AND you are registered for the 2017 Surf City event, your name will appear as one of the Beach Cities Challenge qualifiers.

Beach Cities Challenge

Step 3: Confirm your California Dreamin’ Racing Cup.

Did you run the San Francisco Marathon or Half Marathon in July? If so AND you are registered for the 2017 Surf City event, your name will appear as one of the California Dreamin’ Racing Cup qualifiers.

California Dreamin’ Racing Cup

Step 4: Confirm your Legacy Status.

The Longboard Legacy Club recognizes participants who demonstrate their commitment to lifelong activity by completing a full or half marathon in at least three consecutive Surf City events! Qualified club members continue to earn cool rewards and receive special recognition for every year their personal streak is kept alive! #runsurfcity #SurfCityLegacyMember

Legacy Status

Frequently Asked Questions

The Gender / Birthday is wrong

The gender, date of birth, city, and estimated finish time listed is NOT correct and will NOT be used in the actual challenge. Only first and last name will be accurate.

What Should I do next?

If your name correctly appears in all the Challenges you are qualified for, you are all set. No need to sign up for any additional form. See you at the Expo!

Why does my name does not appear?

We work in partnership with other races to keep track of all Challengers. Our system is based on a perfect match of your registration information. If you have used a different email, or maiden vs married name, Mike or Michael etc… our system may not recognize you as the same runner. SIMPLY contact our team and we can reconcile your file.

My Name is not on the list – What should I do?

Simply contact our team and we will be happy to help. Please allow up to 24 hours for our team to get back to you.

I missed the deadline. What now ?

If you missed the deadline of Saturday, December 17 – 5p, you have two options:
1 / We will send a reminder as we get closer to the event.
2/ Come see our Solutions Desk at the EXPO. Just keep in mind that the earlier you confirm your registration, the less you’ll have to wait at the event, the more time you’ll have to enjoy our live bands and beer garden.