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Long Beach Area Running Clubs
A Running Experience - AREC (A Running Experience Club) in Long Beach provides a twelve-week training program to prepare runners for the Surf City Marathon and Half-Marathon. The program begins in early November and continues through to race day. The program is FREE to club members ($25 club dues covers RRCA insurance and includes a club shirt).  Runners meet each Saturday at 7:00 AM at Joe's Crab Shack on East Marina Drive in Long Beach.  Runners of all ages and abilities are welcome!  Additional weekly club runs happen year-round on every Wednesday night at Buster's Beach House on East Marina Drive.
Sole Runners - Sole Runners Full and Half Marathon Training Programs use ChiRunning® And Yoga to help you train injury-free. The Sole Runners will teach you efficient running form, post run conditioning, mental strength, and the motivation of group training. We meet every Saturday in Long Beach and have been coaching runners to complete the Surf City Marathon and Half Marathon for the last 5 years. We specialize in working with beginners and intermediates of all ages.
ICR Beach Runners - The ICR Beach Runners Marathon and Half Marathon Training Program is ideal for anyone who has a desire to challenge themselves, make new friends, increase body strength and stamina, or simply wants to get involved in a healthy life style sport. This program is designed to prepare a runner to finish a marathon or half marathon. We welcome all runners, from beginners to elite. Walkers are also welcome.
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