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Coast for 39 Miles
....and then earn your reward!

It's the 2015-2016 Double Dog Dare of the year!

Reward Pick Up
The Double Dog Tag reward will be available for pick up after you finish your event at the OC Marathon. Tags will be available after the race in the Expo Tent at the Double Dog Dare table. Bow WOW TO YOU!

Run a half marathon AND a full marathon OR two marathons (39+ miles!) at Surf City and The OC and you will receive this awesome dog tag bottle opener medal! This is a beautiful, heavy, shiny dog tag that you can show off! (Surf City on one side, OC on the other)

Race Options to Earn Reward
2015 OC Full, PLUS 2015 Surf City Half, or
2015 OC Half, PLUS 2015 Surf City Full, or
2015 OC Full, PLUS 2015 Surf City Full.

Either way you've coasted for more than 39 miles and you get the reward!


Beach Cities Challenge Runners
The Double Dog Dare is a great way to Double Dip with the Beach Cities Challenge! If you're "Coasting for 39 Miles" in the Double Dog Dare, continue your quest and sign up for the 2015 Long Beach Marathon and get your Beach Cities Challenge medal at Surf City in February!

Go ahead -  Double Dip!
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