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Course Record Speed Bonus

$1,000 will be awarded to the first male and first female to break the course record in each the half and full marathon. To qualify, a participant must be the first to cross the finish line and break the course record. Bonus is available only to the first place finisher. Per USATF rules, gun time is used to determine finish time.

Course Record Times to Beat

Female    2:39:58    Emily Gordon (2014)
Male        2:24:56     Jacques Sallberg (2009)

Half Marathon
Female    1:14:26     Sylvia Mosqueda (2007)
Male         1:03:37     James Grabow (2011)

Speed Bonus Eligibility

To be eligible for this bonus, a participant must be an official full or half marathon registrant, start the race in the first wave, and be the first male or female to finish the course under the posted times. A matching time DOES NOT qualify.

This bonus offer applies to Full and Half Marathon course registrants only. Qualified Speed Bonus winners must wear an official race bib and record an official gun finish time under the posted course record times. Final decisions will be at the privilege of race organizers and Pacific Shoreline Marathon, LLC and are non negotiable and not subject to appeal.

Speed Bonus winners must present photo ID and registration confirmation in the Awards Redemption area the same day of the event. Bonus winnings will be mailed out within 20 days of the event. Please note: winners must provide a social security number to receive check.

Special Note to Elite Athletes

The Surf City USA® Marathon welcomes and encourages accomplished athletes to participate in this event, as we do athletes of all abilities. We are thrilled when "elite" athletes select this event to compete for the prize money. In certain circumstances, we are happy to offer a complimentary entry to those particular athletes who demonstrate a special ability and can bring something unique to the event. We do not offer travel reimbursement, appearance fees, or accommodations as incentives for "elite" athletes to participate.
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