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About Us

The Active Lifestyle Philosophy

Miles beyond a great weekend event, we are committed to creating unique experiences that inspire lifelong activity. This includes a dedication to initiating, encouraging, and supporting year round programs in celebration of an active lifestyle.

The Partnership

The Surf City USA® Marathon is owned and operated by Pacific Shoreline Marathon, LLC. Our unconventional approach to event development and promotion is intended to support the active lifestyle vision that initiates unique quality experiences for participants, partners, and spectators for years to come. We are committed to the following values; every individual is important, our work is a meaningful component of our lives, customers deserve our best, and we aspire to the greatest success. It is our sincere pleasure to be a part of this incredible event and we look forward to creating unique experiences to inspire active lifestyles for participants from all over the world.

What Inspires Us

We get many emails and letters from participants. The most inspiring are from those who have an experience at our event that has a lasting impact on their lives far beyond race day. We are amazed by the variety of things that inspire people to run, walk, or do whatever they love to stay active and fit. From the great achievements of elite runners to the people who have to work to get a few hours of walking in their weekly schedules; it's the dedication to being active that matters. Tell us your story.

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